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Centre Philosophy

New Prospectus as of February 2019

We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Cornerstone Christian Early Learning Centre provides quality education in an environment where biblical truths are taught and lived.

We believe children are created in God’s image.

Therefore we:

  • value children as unique individuals
  • equip children to grow as competent and confident learners
  • help children develop personal virtues e.g. patience, kindness, love, respect
  • enable children to develop their gifts and talents for service in God’s world
  • encourage children to think and act in a Biblical, faithful way.

Our curriculum is firmly based on God’s Word and incorporates the principles of Te Whaariki.


  • includes specifically planned experiences, activities and interactions that arise spontaneously
  • reflects the diversity of cultures and people that God has created
  • offers an age-appropriate programme that caters for individual and group learning
  • Biblical truths permeate all learning experiences.

We are dedicated to creating a stimulating, loving environment, which is open and caring towards children and their families.

We acknowledge parents as prime educators of their children and we foster a strong relationship between home and Centre.

Our teachers are:

  • qualified educators who are faithful to the Christian character of the Centre
  • committed to ongoing professional development

Christian Early
Centres provide
quality education
in an environment
where Biblical
truths are taught
and lived.