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Daily Programme

Group Programme

Our group programme (setting up of equipment, mat times and other activities) is derived from children’s individual Learning Stories/goals and our Christian theme. These help us to always have the children’s interests and strengths in mind when planning.

Parent Involvement

You are an important part of our family and have much to contribute. You are welcome at the centre at any time to share your ideas, discuss your child’s development or to just spend time with your child.

A regular newsletter will keep you in touch with the happenings of the Centre. We have a folder explaining our Policies and Procedures that is available for you to read. This is in the Parent Library, in the front foyer area. You are welcome to take the Parent Education books out on loan, just put your details in the book alongside the library so we know who has what. There is a Notice Board in the foyer. This has daily/weekly information for you to read. You can read about our Programme at any time. This is on the wall where the children hang their bags. Stay informed about what your child is learning by reading their Profile book.

Daily programme

We have a mixture of planned and free play activities. Each Centre runs a different daily programme. See the Centre’s daily programme when you enrol.

Christian Early
Centres provide
quality education
in an environment
where Biblical
truths are taught
and lived.