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Centre Philosophy

The Christian Schools’ Trust (CST) owns and operates the Centre. The CST vision is for Centre is to assist whānau/ families in the education of their tamariki/children by providing an environment in which the Biblical Truths of Jesus Christ are taught and lived.
In outworking this vison, the mission of the Centre is to provide Christian teaching within a biblically informed, safe, and hospitable environment where endless opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive are given. Kaiako/teachers within the Centre provide play-based learning experiences that inspire creativity and a love of learning, while weaving in Christian teaching and learning. Collaborative relationships with whānau are paramount to ensuring that each with their unique, God-given identity and cultural heritage is represented and upheld.


Ngā ākonga / Learners
We believe that all ākonga:
* Are created in God’s image each uniquely designed with skills, gifts, and talents with which to love and serve God to His glory.
* Are a gift and blessing from God.
* Need to feel safe, seen and valued and free to share who they are in a safe and nurturing environment.
* Need to feel confident and competent within our environment to try new things, take risks, and test their understanding of the world that God has created.
* Need to be given opportunities to celebrate diversity and cultural differences, and develop Christ-like character, through intentional and culturally responsive practices.


Ngā whānau / Families
Our whānau and community:
* Are acknowledged and honoured as the primary educators of their tamariki.
* Have the reassurance that we are committed to journeying and building strong respectful and reciprocal relationships with them as the experts in the knowledge of their tamariki.
* Can partner with us, in the teaching of Biblical Truths.
* Play an essential role in the education and well-being of all ākonga. Opportunities are given to ensure knowledge, beliefs, cultural heritage, values, and life experiences are represented and acknowledged to support the growth and development of our ākonga and within our Cornerstone community.


Ngā Kaiako / Teachers
Kaiako are:
* Genuine Christians faithful to the Christian character of the Centre.
* Committed professionals passionate about seeing ākonga reach their God given potential.
* Dedicated to partner with whānau and the community to effectively plan and evaluate learning experiences that see best practice outcomes for all ākonga.
* Committed to providing high-quality education and care that promotes physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual development, as well as providing opportunities for individual and group learning.
* Creative and innovative, believing in fostering curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning through hands-on age-appropriate experiences, exploration, play and interactions with others.
* Trained in using key Early Childhood documentation to guide programme and planning including Te Whāriki, The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Christian Early
Centre provides
quality education
in an environment
where Biblical
truths are taught
and lived.